Family Built, Owned and Operated


Family Owned and Operated

From the beginning, Luke Eames operated his Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill as a portable operation, taking his sawing on the road for over 12 years. After the creation of the Holland TImber Company, his wife Megan Eames took to the saw and became the main operator of the mill.  



The Holland Timber Company was not created overnight. Starting out in an old field, buildings had to be constructed, equipment had to be built, and lumber needed to be sawn.  Many hands were involved on getting the Holland Timber Company up and running including Megan's parents, Don and Kathie Wilson, along with Luke's parents Tom and Liz Eames.  To this day, from the sawing to the shipping of lumber, the Holland Timber Company is still family owned and operated.  


Main Operators

Luke Eames - Operations Manager

Megan Eames - Sawmill Operator

Liz Eames - Driver

The Mill